We provide the skills, support, motivation and opportunities for people to gain courage and achieve their dreams.


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Live and Love You

You are a successful, compassionate, capable person. However sometimes you get a little lost, and feel too overwhelmed to keep yourself motivated, healthy and fit. There are so many quick fixes out there for health and a huge volume of information to decipher. What you need is guidance, support and clear information to help you stay inspired, accountable and to live your best life!

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Get Off The Couch

It is our self limiting beliefs that hold us back. You don’t have to wait to be skinnier, fitter and smarter to be at your best, you just have to start!

Moving Is The Answer

We have created a safe place to move and get healthy. We have supportive programs that incorporate moving well and loving the way your body feels.

Self Love And Acceptance

Let’s create a life of purpose and self acceptance. It’s time to love who you are, not worry about what others think and be truly happy in your own skin.

Community & Support

You are not alone. We are all on a journey to reach the top of our own mountain. We will support and encourage you through storytelling, expert advice, shared social events and a community of like minded people.

Climb The Mountain

No more flatlining. Identifying your purpose - your ‘Why’ - is the secret ingredient to living your best life.Visualizing your mountain, the place you want to get to, helps guide your actions and gives you the courage to create your own story.

Popular Programs

Motivate Me

Join our Motivate Me Challenge and use this time to stay ahead of your goals, to find your purpose and stay connected.

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Undo the diet culture

Free yourself of the diet trap, binge eating, guilt and self loathing, start celebrating you and creating healthy habits.

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Healthy Habits

Get the Information, Inspiration, and Motivation You Need to Kick-Start Your Fitness Goals and Feel Better FAST!

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Fool Proof Food Planning

Take control of your own food, by following our quick and easy 7 steps to plan one month’s menu of healthy food in less than 30 minutes.

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Our Coaches

Our wonderful coaches are on their own journeys and will use their knowledge and experience to guide you to live your best life. We believe we can make a difference for you.


Tracey has an innate ability to understand your emotional and wellbeing issues. Her personal life experiences plus her exceptional life coaching ability is guaranteed to get you into a better place.


As our youngest coach, Molly brings wonderful empathy to your situation plus her exceptional fitness skills combine to create your valuable coach to get you off the couch and climbing mountains.


Combining life experiences you can relate to with her coaching qualifications, Sandy provides you with an empathetic and understanding voice to drive your health & wellness goals.

Success Stories

I was in despair about everything, especially the loss of my valued yoga and pilates classes. I was sitting there and wondering what I was going to, when suddenly a FB message popped from TSA about PT sessions. I was so grateful that I was immediately able to get Molly as my trainer, and I started to feel instantly motivated. Molly is an absolute delight!!! I had so many enjoyable sessions with Molly. These sessions were an absolute highlight of my week, I really valued the opportunity. Not only did these sessions help motivate me and keep up my fitness, but it was a great opportunity to have some personal contact with someone. I spent more time with Molly than my family and friends! Molly has been encouraging and has continually tailored the sessions to suit my needs.

So, a huge thank you to TSA for replying to my initial request so quickly. And a massive thanks to Molly for being such a delightful person and a great trainer.

Thanks. Jodi

Discover your inner strength

We provide the opportunities to support and encourage people to get off the couch, be awesome and climb mountains. Becoming a member of Take Shape will give you the belonging you need to live a healthier, motivated and inspiring life. We’ll help you live and achieve the dreams you create.
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Take Shape Adventures

We provide a range of outdoor opportunities to suit your comfort, fitness and experience level. Safe, supported and convenient.

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Take Shape Fitness

Keeping you fit and healthy, helping you build yourself and your community, to conquer your mountains. Anywhere, anytime.